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#13 Food Mandalas

We are counting down the 19 days until the start of the 19th annual City-Wide Open Studios with the 19 things new for this year’s edition, GAME ON!
#13 in our countdown is Food Mandalas.
Nadine Nelson, social activist and chef of Global Local Gourmet, will bring her roving community supported kitchen to the John Slade Ely House during City-Wide Open Studios. Her kitchen will be open to the public during the Private Studios, Saturday, October 22 and Sunday October 23. She will accept food donations that will go to a communal pantry and become “game” for 5-minute creative feasts. Nelson will encourage visitors to “play with their food,” with the goal of interpreting the food in the pantry into three-course meals mandalas.
Location: John Slade Ely House, 51 Trumbull St, New Haven