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#10 Find It! Friend It!

We are counting down the 19 days until the start of the 19th annual City-Wide Open Studios with the 19 things new for this year’s edition, GAME ON!


# 10 on our countdown is presented by Site Projects & Artspace: Find It! Friend It! A scanvenger hunt across New Haven during Private Studios weekend, October 20 -24.

Test your New Haven art smarts as you decode the clues, track down the artworks, and make new discoveries in this scavenger-hunt style game. Pair up in teams of 2 or more to decipher the clues. Each clue includes a visual fragment and a written hint from 15 artworks — 10 on display at City-Wide Open Studios and 5 public artworks. Chart your course using the game map, visit each site, and post team selfies to Facebook as evidence.

FIND IT! FRIEND IT!, CWOS 2016 is not a race, so leave your running shoes at home and embrace your inner tortoise. Make new friends! Talk to artists! Enjoy the artworks! And then tell us what you learned. Locate and experience all 15, and you could be the first FIND IT! FRIEND IT! Champion … and go home with the GRAND PRIZE! More Details can be found



  1. FORM your TEAM of 2 or more players. (Need a team? Contact us!)

  2. RSVP on our Facebook event page (click “GOING”)

  3. POST a TEAM SELFIE to the event page, including your TEAM NAME.


DECODE the clues using the GAMEMAP as your guide. Each of the 15 CLUES will include a visual fragment and a written hint. CLUES will be POSTED on OCTOBER 20th to the Facebook Event Page


Meet new people and learn cool stuff! Visit as many locations as you can, and collect the EVIDENCE of your EXPERIENCE:

  1. SAY CHEESE!: Once @ each location, take a TEAM SELFIE in front of the public artwork or with the artist.
  2. INVESTIGATE!: Put on your sleuthing cap and prepare to learn more!
  3. Collect at least 1 FUN FACT at each location.


  1.  POST TEAM SELFIES to the FB event page.
  2. List TEAM NAME + CLUE # + LOCATION + 1 FUN FACT in the image description.

V.      WIN IT!

The team with the most points — by 11:59PM on October 24th — WINS! Winners will be announced to the Facebook Event Page on October 30th.

  • 20 POINTS for REGISTERING (see above for details).
  • 20 POINTS for each TEAM SELFIE w/ the artist or in front of the artwork + 1 FUN FACT


  • BE CREATIVE! and earn bonus points to jump ahead of the competition!
  • 20 points for TEAM UNIFORMS :: Team uniforms can range from color coordinating outfits, to whacky hats, to full costumes.
  • 10 points for including PERSONAL REACTIONS + CREATIVE RESPONSES :: Responses can range from sharing your experience (“I enjoyed ______”; “My favorite part was ____”) to creating your own artwork in response (a poem, a painting, an interpretative dance, etc). Post to image comments.
  • 5 points for sharing your FAVORITE ARTWORK from an artist’s studio — or — your  FAVORITE DETAIL from a public artwork. Post to image comments.
  • 5 points for CLEVER CAPTIONS
  • 5 points for each additional NON-TEAM MEMBER posing for the pic in team selfies
  • 5 points for listing MORE THAN 1 FUN FACT
  • 5 points for TAGGING Site Projects + Artspace
  • 5 points for TELLING YOUR FRIENDS (each post shared on your personal Facebook wall)

More Details can be found